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We specialize in iPhone repairs including same day broken screen services. Contact us

chose your device Click 'Get Started' and tell us what's wrong with your device. We'll give you an instant repair price so you know exactly what your repair will cost. Book your device repair using our online system.

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Your local iFixservice tech will contact you to confirm your appointment One of our highly-talented phone repair technicians (our iTechs) in your local area will contact you to confirm the exact time and location for your mobile phone repair..
We can often do repairs on the same day if you're in a hurry!
We come to a location that suits you Our iFixservice tech will repair your phone wherever is most convenient for you. We can repair your phone at your office, home, hotel, or anywhere else that suits you - and repairs only take around 30 minutes.
No fix, No Fee! & Home Delivery Payment for your repair is only taken after your phone is fixed, and you're 100% happy with the work we've done.
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screen replacement
Mobile screen replacement

If you have broken the Mobile screen maybe you can see bleeding or black ink spots on the Mobile display screen or possibly the touch screen has dead spots or even bad cracks in the touch screen glass.

motherboard repair
Mobile motherboard repair

If the logic board has failed on your Mobile then this is the repair service for you. We will replace the Mobile logic board on your Mobile with a brand new factory unlocked logic board,

data recovery
Mobile data recovery

We are able to retrieve & recover lost data, numbers, texts, photos & videos from mobiles by downloading what is currently in the phones memory and restoring it. This service is available

Mobile liquid damage

Has your Mobile been liquid damaged? Maybe you split a drink over it, or dropped your Mobile down the toilet? We will clean your Mobile and attempt to restore the unit back to full working order.

software fix
Mobile software fix

Have you have damaged the WiFi socket connector on your Mobile, allow our expert technicians to repair the WiFi connector and replace it with a brand new one. These WiFi socket connectors

battery replacement
Mobile battery replacement

If your Mobile is not holding a charge as well as when new it is very possible that your battery needs to be replaced, our expert Mobile technicians are able to help.

headphone jack repair
Mobile headphone jack repair

Ever have that problem where you have to hold your phone just right to get sound through your headphones? Have you considered having a loose wire or a bad jack?

charge port repair
Mobile charge port replacement

Charging ports are easy to damage. Constant connecting and removal of the connector cord can be hard on the port and move, bend, or damage internal components.

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We repair your phone in front of you, so your data stays secure.

All our repairs come with our no-fee 3 month warranty.

We can normally come to you same day to repair your phone.