iFixservice Features

No Fix No Fee

We offer a no fix no fee policy on repairs as standard, meaning if we have not carried out a repair we will either not charge for our services, or we will refund the money paid to us, minus return postage costs. This includes if you cancel your order, get it repaired somewhere else before posting to us or we are unable to repair the device for what ever reason. If you change your mind about a repair and you need to claim a refund before a repair has been carried out, you need to get in touch with us to let us know, once the repair has been completed no refund will be given and we will not reverse the repair. If we have not needed to post the device back to you, we refund the full amount paid to us as no expense has been paid in postage.

The No Fix No Fee policy excludes water damage repairs and sim card reader repairs as explained on both product descriptions before purchase. The no fix no fee policy excludes if we cannot get access to your Mobile as you have left a PIN or password on it to gain entry and /or if you refuse or fail to provide it us. Failure to remove or provide these will result in us not being able to fully test the Mobile to check for faults, any remaining faults will therefore not be our responsibility and no refund will be given for remaining faults. If we cannot get in touch with you by email to get the PIN removed or given to us, after 5 days of waiting for your return contact, we will repair the device as best we can and post it back to you. Again any remaining faults in this scenario will not be the responsibility of iFixservice and we take no liability for any issues with the device thereafter.

24/7 Service Available

Our online smartphone iphone repair booking service is available 24/7 so that your iphone can be repaired and returned in the fastest time possible.

100% Safe & Secure

We repair your phone in front of you, so your data stays secure.

No-fees Warranty

All our repairs come with our no-fuss 6 month warranty.

Same Day Repairs

We can normally come to you same day to repair your phone.